Thursday, June 12, 2008

CAP-italising the iPod!

Just when you begin to think that the iPod series has definitely reached the end of its innovation, they surprise you with a BANG! On the latest in the world of iPod’s, iXoundWear has announced the release of made to suit Caps for iPod(R).These are now also available for sale. These caps are meant to provide welcome relief to all those people who love to exercise while listening to their iPod(R), but hate the hassle of dangling wires. Aiming to provide variety to its users, the cap comes in two types-Sport Caps and Running Caps. The colors too are varied ranging from the usual black and white to blue green and pink. Both the cap models (Sport and Running) are compatible with Nike(R) +iPod(R) Sport Kit for runners. Common features in all the caps are internal sweat band, earphone loops, player pocket and a wire management system that is yet unpatented. In addition, the visors, beanies and caps are specific to players. Currently, supported iPod models are: iPod Nano 1G, iPod Nano 2G, iPod Nano 3G,iPod Shuffle 1G, iPod. The iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Classic are incompatible with iXoundWear products. It is a definite breath of fresh air for the millions of iPod fans all over the world, and spells a new high in luxury as well as awareness of consumer demands. With this creation iXoundWear has once again proven why it leads the functional headwear market for the iPod.

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